I’ve been teaching classes and workshops for a couple years now to a wide range of learners, anywhere from supervisors in manufacturing companies needing to learn Excel to artists wanting to learn how to market their artwork online.  Many of my students prefer in-person or classroom-style courses because they get some personal help along the way, but some also prefer online courses so they can take them at their own pace.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages and it depends on your personal preferred learning style.

Online Courses

There are many advantages to taking an online course: Take at your own pace, re-take as often as you like, pause and re-watch sections and often times they are more affordable.  But there’s the disadvantage of not having the personal attention; although, there are ways to pose questions to get the answers you need if you are having trouble.  Some eager learners become “course junkies” where they buy many online courses but either don’t ever start the course OR they don’t finish the course after it’s started because there wasn’t an accountability aspect built into the course.  They end up having a large library of online courses they’ve purchased – this could be an advantage or disadvantage depending upon how you look at it.


Many people prefer this traditional classroom style of learning because they can get their questions answered in person, they can learn from other students in the room, and the class is semi-customized to the students in the room. But there are also disadvantages to the classroom setting: The course date/time/location must work with your schedule, the other students in your class can sometimes be distracting, and if you get stuck or didn’t take notes fast enough it’s hard to go back and get it.

work with me group

Whether it’s an online course or in classroom, many courses are hands-on and have supplemental course material for taking notes, doing activities, and for reference, and both can use multiple delivery methods as well as tools for learning.  With the convenience and growing popularity of online classes there are many more tools available to make them more interactive and as classroom-like as possible.

I want to hear from you!

I’m writing this post because I’d like to get feedback from you on your preferred method of taking classes and why?  What do you look for when you register for a class either online or traditional classroom?

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