I’m still pumped from the Converted conference I went to a couple weeks ago!  The speakers were all so inspiring and had great info relatable to my business and for me to help my clients.

Do you go to industry conferences and events?  What are your favs?  This Converted conference was conveniently located in Minneapolis, where LeadPages is based.  I’m looking at next year and planning my dates so I’d love to hear your favs!

Converted15 ConferenceI wanted to share with you a few more takeaways from the conference.

Side note: you should see my notebook of notes I took during the conference.  It reminded me of my college days, especially my MBA days.  I had so many people comment about my in-depth note taking.  I like to refer back to them, like for this blog post!

  1. Here’s a goodie from Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income podcast:  Understand your WHOLE audience.

W=Where they hangout?

H=Habits, What are their habits?

O=Obstacles, address their obstacles

L=Language, use their language

E=Excuses, address their excuses

2. REOCCURRING MESSAGE that nearly every speaker touched on=VIDEO is key, because it allow you to have a deeper connection to your audience.

3. “Your mission is to help other’s succeed” – Dan Martell, serial entrepreneur

4.  Mari Smith, “The Facebook Queen”, said that there’s a growing emphasis on Facebook Messenger for business.  It’s a great avenue for customer service and quick response.  Aim for 90% or better response time.

5.  Most people use their handheld devices to access the internet.  Think of thatwhen creating your websites and landing pages.  It’s now ok to scroll down a webpage.  Sliders on your website are no longer functional because of touch devices. – Ezra Firestone, SmartMarketer.com

6.  While building your email list, a double-optin is best because it reduces bots from opting in and prevents spam.  It also helps your bounce rate.  It may reduce your list size but you’ll have better engagement, deliverability, and fewer bounces. – Tom Kulzer, AWeber

That was another 6 good online m
arketing bits for you to consider.  So much good info!

Get in touch with me if you’d like to talk about this or need help.  Marketing is online.  It’s complex, but it doesn’t have to be.  By taking small steps you can do a lot of this yourself with some direction and guidance.