There are many ways for you to market yourself for low cost and even free!  A super easy and basic place is your email signature! 

Having a hard time getting Twitter followers?  Facebook likes to your page?  Website traffic?  Include these in your signature line and get more visibility!

Your branding should carry through in all of your marketing online and offline, including your email signature.  Drive traffic to your online platforms and your website too!  Make it simple for people you communicate with via email find you online.  Help them by making it easy for them to click and direct them to your website and social media platforms from your signature line.

There are a couple different ways you can create an email signature and most email providers have the option of a custom email signature – take advantage of it!vvHere are a couple of the most common email providers and how to set up the signatures:

In Gmail you would go up to the little gear in the upper right part of your page and choose settings -> then scroll down to Signature and upload an image and build your signature (with links) that way.

In Yahoo you would go to the little gear icon in the upper right part of your page and choose settings->writing email-> and then at the bottom it tells you to go to “Accounts” to edit your signature.  Then upload your logo, add your contact details and links to your website and social media sites.

I have my Gmail linked with my Apple Mail and manage my email through Apple Mail.  This is where I created my signature.  Mail->Preferences->Signature

For a snazzier signature and easy method is to use Wise Stamp  It works with most all email providers.  The free version has a stamp under your signature that links to their site.  It looks like this:Amy Klous wise stamp signature

Otherwise there’s a paid version of Wise Stamp with a lot more options of customization and branding, including random quotes, latest social media updates, social media follows, etc.  The Pro version is around $34/year.  Here’s my signature without the Wise Stamp stamp:

Amy Klous signature line

You can see that this signature does not have the stamp beneath it that directs people to the Wise Stamp website.  But either way it works and my social media icons are linked to my sites.  You can even start with the free version of Wise Stamp to try it out and upgrade to Pro at any time.

Whatever you decide, a branded signature line is a great and low-cost way to market your biz with your branded colors, logo, text, etc. and to drive traffic to your website and social media sites.  It portrays you as a professional too by showing consistency with your branding.  Remember, you want to make it as easy as possible for customers to find you, and this is a super easy way to do that.