I’m part of a group business coaching program, similar to a mastermind, to help clarify my business goals, messaging, target audience, and grow my business.  I like the group aspect of it because others raise questions that are also helpful and you get additional perspectives.

The homework or lessons have been pretty good too.  Some I had done on my own before starting this group and some I did not.  I wanted to talk about one of the exercises in particular that’s really making me think and re-access my offerings and I challenge you to do the same thing.

That is interviewing your ideal customers.  Whether it’s a current client  or somebody in your networking group you think would make an ideal customer or put a post in a Facebook or LinkedIn group you participate in where your target market hangs out.

Two Women meetingI dragged my feet and did not want to do this exercise.  It seemed invasive to me, uncomfortable.  So I first tested it on a friend, who also happens to be a potential ideal client. I asked her the questions and recorded the conversation so I could refer back to it later and take notes.

I wanted to hear the responses in her voice, her language.  I can later use her language in my marketing messaging.

I told her to be honest, don’t hold back, and don’t feel like she has to cater her answers to me or offend me.  And that I wasn’t fishing for compliments either.

It was eye opening and easy to do!

So I thought, ok, that wasn’t so bad, I’ll interview a couple of my clients who I think would be open and honest.  And wow!  Really good info!

So with my comfort level increasing I started interviewing a few more people who I knew through networking who are not customers of mine but fit my ideal customer profile.  It was all good stuff and they were open and honest with their answers.

In total I interviewed about 8 people.  The goal was 5-10.

The result, I’m thinking and reevaluating my offerings or more HOW I package my services and using their uniformed voice to create my marketing messaging to speak to them.

I have a new website in the works and will roll it out with these new service offerings and downloadable freebies and other cool things.  So it was a great exercise I’m now working through the feedback and in creation-mode.

But I highly encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and interview your ideal clients, current and others.  See what their wants and needs are, their pain points, and even what they are willing to pay.

Get in touch with me; I’d love to talk about it with you and let you know how I did it and give you some pointers.  It’s truly eye opening and will benefit your business because it’s all about giving the customer what they want and what they’re willing to pay for.