…or is it allergies?

I just spent the last two days at an amazing online marketing conference put on by Leadpages called Converted15.

Pat Flynn at Converted 15

Pat Flynn at Converted 15

So much good info and tips from experts in the online marketing world!  Topics ranged from growth hacking, creating content, growing a fan base, video, conversion, pricing…so much more.  Wow, lots of good, juicy info!

I took tons of notes, downloaded slides and info, and even upgraded my Leadpages subscription so I can now sell as an affiliate and signed up for next year’s conference.

Today I feel like my head is in the clouds and can’t tell if it’s because I’m in an information coma or if it’s allergies.  Either way, I took an extra long walk today since I sat on my butt all day the last two days and it’s absolutely GORG outside today!

These beautiful days are limited so I spent extra time outside with Barney, my dog, walking by my side.  It was a great time to clear my head.  I even came up with…

wait for it…

THREE blog posts people!!  That’s huge for me being the non-writer that I am!

Anyway, more to come on that problem of mine.

I wanted to give you a few takeaways I had from the awesome conference:

  • “Growth Hacker – giving stuff away or testing to a select group so they spread the word or learn from it and pivot.” – Ryan Holiday, author of Growth Hacker Marketing
  • “Put more of YOU into your content!” –  Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income podcast  (Ok, I will then!  This is soooo true!)
  • Small, quick wins – show your customers and potential customers ways for quick results they can apply in 5 min. – Another goodie by Pat Flynn
  • Facebook is disrupting TV & video.  Load your videos natively to Facebook (not through Youtube).  This will have much better reach and engagement. – Mari Smith, “The Queen of Facebook”
  • Facebook Live coming soon!  Some may have it now, I do not.  Think of Periscope on Facebook!  Keeps video organic on Facebook.  Mari Smith did a Facebook Live broadcast during her presentation.  This is a game changer according to Mari.
  • The overarching theme though was that video is the way of the future.  

I’ll post more of these takeaways over the next few weeks.

I’m really excited about applying these things to my business and teaching you how you can implement these online marketing techniques into your business.  I will be creating new courses and adding in the new things I learned from the conference.  Be on the lookout for these coming soon!

I promise to start writing more.  I NEED TO!!

So in the words of Jared Polin of FroKnowsPhoto.com, “F@*k it, just do it!!”