journalHello!  It’s been awhile…

I’ve been working on my biz and rebranding.  Getting more defined in my target market, ideal client, and offerings that support my WHY and knowledge/experience.

Coming from a corporate environment (as you read in my post Create a Word Cloud), I’m used to collaboration and working in teams – bouncing and building ideas off of one another, getting feedback, support, etc.  I don’t get that when I work by myself.  I’m LOVING being my own one-woman show; I just need outside ideas and perspective once in awhile.  So I hired a business coach…

I had been wanting to hire a biz coach for awhile but wanted to make sure it was the right fit for what I was looking for.  When I first started my biz I hired a coach who was NOT the right fit for my business – I was not her target market.  I’d been searching through various Facebook groups, creeping on websites and Facebook pages, getting referrals, participating in webinars to see if I jived with their style, and so on.  And then I met Colette at a networking meeting…it was fate!

I checked out her page, Facebook group, listened to her webinar and thought “I need to hire her now!”  She spoke to me and my business needs!  The timing was right and it was fate!

Funny thing is, we had both wrote each other as a connection request at that meeting so we set up a time to meet a week later at a Starbucks.  I walked up to her sitting at a table and (can’t remember the details) but basically said, “I’ve been waiting for a coach like you and I need to hire you!” (or something along those lines).  Anyways, it was probably on the creepy side of how I phrased it and totally unexpected and not how I planned. 😉

We talked for 2 hours, probably mostly about me and my needs, and listening to her responses and advice just confirmed that she was the perfect fit as my coach.  Her life experiences, professional experiences, interests, and education all resonated with me.  The fact that she has an MBA and a professional work history and understood me, OMG…LOVE!  Ok, I’m creeping myself out now.

I had started classes at University of St. Thomas for the Digital Marketing Certificate and had two classes left to take.  In speaking with Colette in our first meeting, she made me question if I really needed to take those classes.  I felt that it would help validate me and my services and offerings. She said I already have the background and experience, along with my MBA that is already more validation than a specialized certificate.  So I thought about it and cancelled my registration the next day.

Then I signed up with my new business coach for one-on-one coaching for 3 months!  Just wait to read about my exciting business changes!

Checkout my awesome biz coach, Colette Belisle and read her inspiring story!