It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks and meetings and other stuff as a business owner that we are always putting things on the back burner.  They’re on our to-do list all the time – but never checked off because it’s so easy to keep pushing them back.

What are those things you keep pushing to the back burner?  Is it things you don’t really like to do? Or that you don’t feel like you’re great at? Or just little things that you think you can accomplish quickly but they pile up and they don’t get done?

For me, some of those things are writing content or getting a course I’ve already created recorded.  In my last blog post I talked about Time Chunking, which has helped me so much, but if a client project or other “more important” thing comes up on the day or time I scheduled my content writing or recording/editing, it’s so easy to push that aside.  The justification in my mind could be anything… “I’ll just get this quick thing done then record my course” or “I’m just not feeling it to write my blog post today” or “This is the only day this person can meet so I’ll push this task off to another day”… and so on it goes.  Sound familiar?

Nature has always inspired me if I’m just not feeling creative or motivated.  That’s why I love when the weather starts warming up enough to move my mobile office outside.  Working from the porch or my backyard with the trees, grasses, plants, rocks, flowers, and my dogs panting at my feet is such a creativity booster for me I feel like I get more accomplished.  What does it for you?

I know I’m not the only one that gets inspired and motivated from being in nature.  So many people I’ve talked to have said “I just need to book a weekend getaway to get all my blog posts written for the year, otherwise I’ll never get anything written.” – wowza!  or “I just need to get out of my usual zone to make progress on writing my book that has just been sitting there for months.”  Hearing this (and feeling the same way) time and time again I decided to provide that opportunity as a way to immerse in nature and disconnect to get that writing project done that we are ALL working on in some form or another.

So here it is!

Unplug and join us at the Writing In Nature Day Retreat on June 15, 2016 at Willow River State Park in Hudson, WI. I’ve collaborated with Sonja Ramos, an Outdoor Wellness Coach, to provide you a day of beautiful, quiet nature with opportunities to take a break and get more inspiration through a gorgeous hike to the waterfalls, yoga, meditation, and massage.  We’ll provide delicious fresh lunch, snacks and refreshments.  Please join us and see what you can get accomplished!  The registration deadline is June 7th at midnight. REGISTER HERE

Writing in Nature Day Retreat

This retreat is really exciting for me because it’s something I have been searching for but couldn’t find and the response has been OUTSTANDING !  My hope is that it goes well so I can provide these retreats on a regular basis and perhaps even create a weekend retreat in the future.  We’ll see, but I’m open to ideas, feedback and input.

Get that project done that you keep pushing to the back burner and join us at Willow River State Park for the Writing In Nature Day Retreat or just get outside of your usual zone and go to a park and see how you get inspired and break through creative blocks.