Amy Klous Word Cloud

Working alone can be isolating. We are our own worse critic and are extra hard on ourselves. We don’t have anybody to give us pats on the back for a job well done and it’s often times hard to ask our clients for testimonials. Everyone needs to feel appreciated and be recognized once in a while to keep progressing.

Well, I recently heard about, which creates word clouds from a list of words. The more frequent the word, the bigger the word is in the cloud. I decided to post on Facebook to reach my fanbase (friends, family, acquaintances, and clients) and ask the following question: What 3 words describe me when you think of me, interact with me, or you think are my qualities?

I really wasn’t soliciting for people to boost me up. I just wanted to see how this word cloud thing worked and see if I could use it in my branding. I received such an awesome response! Of course my sisters had a heyday with this and saw it as an opportunity to tell me how they really feel ;), but other than that it sure made me feel good about myself!

So the plan, really, was to use the result of my poll for business. Having this list of words is useful for marketing and makes The Amylia Group more personable. The words will be used in our branding, social media, email marketing, our keywords, and anyway I want because they’re customized!

As a virtual entrepreneur, or anybody for that matter, it’s important to hear these nice words about ourselves. When the words started coming in I felt silly and hoped people didn’t think I was being narcissistic, but I had people tell me they wanted to try this too and I encouraged them to do it because we all need to hear nice things about ourselves!

What a fun experiment this was and I hope this inspires you to ask your fans to describe you in 3 words and to create this fun word cloud! Use your words as your brand – they are you!