It’s 4:03 am and I’m waking up to Flinty moaning and shaking his head…another ear infection.  Luckily I have ear drops on hand since it’s so common with Springers.

But I couldn’t fall back to sleep.

As I lay there tossing and turning I’m thinking of what’s on my plate for the day: Creating my graphic social squares and social media editorial calendar, and dang, I haven’t blogged for awhile.  So I start getting a little anxiety, which really doesn’t make it easier to fall to sleep.

“What should I blog about? Ugh, I don’t know what I want to write about. I don’t like writing like that! I never journal! Only wrote 2 entries in my diary when I was 13! I’m just not a writer! What will people think?!”journal

Yes, that goes through my head every time I think of writing a blog.  Even though I took a great Udemy class on writing for the web and have reference books on how to blog and write for the web. It still happens every time.

The advice that I learned that I have to remember every time is:

  1. Write in your own voice! It doesn’t have to be perfect.
  2. Blogs don’t have to be long, word-intensive entries.
  3. Give yourself a time limit and just start writing and keep going then edit.
  4. There are many perspectives, I don’t have to please everybody, not everybody will agree with me, this is just my perspective.
  5. Blogs help a lot with SEO, so it’s important to blog!
  6. It makes me credible and allows people to see my business in a personable image, which is important for building relationships online!

Ok, there’s probably many more blogging rules of thumb but these are the ones I think of to motivate me and make me feel more confident to write a blog post.

The other thing…I need to schedule my blog writing so I blog more frequently and so I don’t “forget”.

So as I was scripting this post in my head, I drifted back to sleep. I wish I remembered all I was planning to write!